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2019 September 10

Matthew Paige Surber

Andy, Could you please explain why Globalization should be embraced instead of feared.

White Sand Beach - Worth Returning/Recommending?
2019 September 9

Steve Soke

For those with plans to go to Thailand, is White Sands Beach a beach worth Visiting or do you prefer other Beaches in Thailand Better? If you did not have a friend there, would you return?

Andy what 5 YouTube People Influence You Most
2019 September 4

Andres Hidalgo

I enjoy your videos, and I thought, I want to know who you enjoy watching on YouTube, who influences you? Thanks, Andres in Colombia, when are you coming to visit. Andres Hidalgo

Here are 5 people on YouTube that greatly influence, and change my life.

Time vs Money - What would Andy do?
2019 September 2

Phil Davis

You’re trying to book airfare to your destination and you have 3 routes with different durations and costs. The 1st is 11 hours for $1000 nonstop The 2nd is 18 hours for $800 2 stops The 3rd is 28 hours for $600 4 stops What would Andy do?

What do you consider "light" for a non-stop nomad?
2019 August 24

Bruce Sweigert

I am a fanatic about traveling light. I can easily travel with only a 30 litre backpack for single purpose / single climate trip of any duration. However, not in your context as non-stop nomad. Given your case, what do you consider "light"?

Bruce, here is your answer on how light we can go?

Thai entry/visa questions
2019 August 22

Jeff porter

#1, do you need a outgoing ticket to fly in one way from the Philippines #2, explain the visa extension process, looking to stay 60-90 days.

Hello Jeff, here is the answer, I always recommend a person get an onward ticket, it is an airline corruption thing.

Here is PDF Application - Sept 1, 2019 This page explains rather well documentation needed

Why does Andy seem happy now ?
2019 August 22

Michael skidmore

After that time in Africa, Andy seemed to not be having fun anymore. Now that he's back on the road he seems happier. I wonder why that is ?

Hello Mike, here is the answer on video

2019 August 11

Donnie Sanders

What is the best way to travel from the airport in Guatemala City to Fronteras?

This is a question that is best handled on the Hobo Talk Wall join to learn.

How can I learn to make better Airfare purchases?
2019 August 8

Steven J Soke

I see people talking about air tickets and willing to help find a better deal. I would like to learn how to do a better job finding those deals. Can you do a video or maybe even a seminar to teach the best way to look for air tickets?

Hello Steve, here is answer. I am 90 percent sure, that somewhere between January 7 to January 28, 2020 I will have an airfare seminar at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

PART1 Globalize budget travel for a better world
2019 August 7

Ismael Garcia

Hey Andy, Ismael again, thanks for answering my question. I didn't mean to be disrespectful, I am not native English, what I mean is there is a brain principle (sabing energy) which always influences us to take the easier road, and that is why people destroy their lives with social media, pretending

How do you structure your day?
2019 August 7

Roger Proctor

With so much to do and see how do you prioritize your stay in a country?

Roger, in so may ways, this is how to be happy?

about your siatica !!
2019 August 7

Harry Elmore

i had it bad years ago but i cured it by daily walking up 10 flights of steps BUT i placed my FLAT foot on each step from toe to heel - yes walk up flat foot heel down - heel down is the cure

Hello Harry, here is the video answer, thanks for asking question.

Compare anger levels US vs world
2019 August 4

Julie Hamilton

How do you find the anger levels in people from the US compared to people in your travels? I notice people are so much more on edge here in the US. Maybe its just me!

Internet Connections
2019 August 4

Keri H

I will travel in Spain and need secure internet to work digitally on a laptop (virtual bookkeeping for clients). Internet cafes are not a great option for security reasons; I can get a local sim card and create my own hotspot - but data flow may be limited. Any advice on best options for a secure and reliable connection to transmit financial data

Why Don't You Care About Your Young Audience?
2019 August 2

Ismael Garcia

Andy I am 24 years old I decided to finally travel to Africa in less than 600 dollars a month exactly like you teach us and it works!! My question is why don't you create an app for hobotraveler because for us young people qe don't use forums anymore like the one you have, and you lose A LOT of money because of this I am sure. Just go to Fiverr.

I do care about young people

2019 July 25

Tom Thorsen

Have you every contributed or edit a Wikipedia Article?

Hello Tom, yes I have, here is the video answer:

Andy why do you need a special form?
2019 July 13

Andy Graham

It seems like you just get questions you read the email and then you answered answer them. That seems quite easy.

I feel very guilty when I don't answer everybody's questions because I lost track of the question. Or they write a three paragraph question which makes it impossible for me to chop down to something small. Plus we will eventually have a way for video questions and vote to the top a question. Generally people write me a question in any way that convenient for them.. I do not answer questions posted on Facebook or Twitter unless it's such a great question I just love it. that's an idea I can give a vote on which value a question has to me as a world traveler a 1 to 10 system. So if you want your questions answered you have to place them here. Life is good your friend Andy Lee Graham.